Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sorry! :)

HEYA guys I know, I haven't possed for a while because I was busy but don't worry, both interactive game and special week will happen. Who knows maybe even today I will upload interactive game. And about special week it's going to happen next week...

those are proposals 
- Sport theme
- Time travel
- Anime
- Cultural Change
- AR
- FTF ( girl into girl)
- Sisterhood
- Work
- Celebrities
- From something to nothing
- Punishment
- Crossdressing



  1. Dwa ostatnie brzmią najlepiej.

  2. Time Travel or Celebrities

  3. Anime or punishment

  4. MILF, gdybym miał wybierać.
    Fajny blog, dodałem do przeglądanych publicznie na moim.

  5. So... Is this ever going to happen? It's been over a month, I don't want to rush you but...

  6. At or sisterhood

  7. Are you alive?

  8. How about an anime with naruto and yugito or naruto and anko?

  9. I've been coming on this blog everyday for the past few months and if you don't release something soon I'm not coming on again

  10. Dissapointed Fan14 August 2015 at 05:27

    I'm going to have to agree with the guy who posted on august 2nd. I mean everyone has their own life and that takes priority over internet fetish communities but the owner of this blog makes no attempt to explain this. She doesn't give us updates, she doesn't tell us if she taking a break and more often than not she will announce something and 4 months later when she returns pretend it doesn't exist. I don't want to force you to write captions if you don't feel like it but don't promise us things and not deliver. Don't give us deadlines you can't meet. When you announce things like this and give specific dates it gets people's hopes up and when you fail to deliver it is a huge downer. We come back week after week to nothing not even a 'Hey guys been a little busy lately, will try my best to get something out soon'

    This added to the fact that you reply to almost none of the comments makes us feel as if you don't really care if we are here or not. Basically don't promise that which you cannot deliver.

  11. Should we ever expect anything new? If not please let us know. If you read this a simple comment about your status is all I ask.