Sunday, 1 February 2015

So Many Ways

Ok guys... I read all of your comments under my first interactive caption but I'm not in mood to reply... But I'm so glad you liked them... And of course I want to say hi to my Polish caption-maker fellow ( you can see his work on deviantart if you can know Polish)

The next interactive captions will appear next week I guess and you have to choose theme of it. Also in this week or next one, I plan to make a special week Like The Animation week last year... but YOU have to choose theme of this week ....



  1. Like I said last week I think the next interactive caption should be Time Travel

    As for the special week how about superheroes or medieval (casltes, dragons, knights and stuff)

  2. Tematyka? Hmmm... Może coś w klimatach sportowych?

  3. Is the special week still going on? I would love a Naruto or One Piece week.

    For the interactive I think the Time Travel sounds cool or maybe different races