Monday, 22 December 2014

TG Comics?

Heya... listen I've got a news, u see I asked even beg friend of mine to make a tg comic... he wasn't into it but after a lot of hours begging him, he agreed

There's a problem because he said he woudn't create any story... so I ask you if you have any good story ( body swap, transformation, gender bender, great shift etc.) and who you'd like to see in a comic, write under this post.



  1. I could write a story if you told me how long it should be. I know a lot of anime and superheroes so I could write it about that. If not those than maybe a fantasy or bunnygirl story? Just comment on this if you want me to.

    1. Yeah, if you want. It has to be short, ya know, not too short and not too long. This story can about everything so it shoudn't be a problem for you ( I give you a choice) ... Thanks one more time and I will be waitnin'

  2. I think I would like to see Aladdin vluntary masking into Jasmine.