Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sorry! :)

HEYA guys I know, I haven't possed for a while because I was busy but don't worry, both interactive game and special week will happen. Who knows maybe even today I will upload interactive game. And about special week it's going to happen next week...

those are proposals 
- Sport theme
- Time travel
- Anime
- Cultural Change
- AR
- FTF ( girl into girl)
- Sisterhood
- Work
- Celebrities
- From something to nothing
- Punishment
- Crossdressing


Sunday, 1 February 2015

So Many Ways

Ok guys... I read all of your comments under my first interactive caption but I'm not in mood to reply... But I'm so glad you liked them... And of course I want to say hi to my Polish caption-maker fellow ( you can see his work on deviantart if you can know Polish)

The next interactive captions will appear next week I guess and you have to choose theme of it. Also in this week or next one, I plan to make a special week Like The Animation week last year... but YOU have to choose theme of this week ....


Friday, 23 January 2015

Interactive Game... Who are you now?

You ran out from your home after a quarrel with your parents. You walk down the street still full of anger after what happened minutes ago… you feel you need to drink some beer to relax. When you was walking to the nearest bar you saw something shining inside trash container. You came closer and took this… it was medallion. Suddenly it started glow and you blacked out…
That was mystical medallion that transported you into different body… who you became? 

If you born January-February you’ve got number:    #1

March- April: #2

May- June #3

July- August #4

September- October #5

November- December #6